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From racing to the road is the philosophy that has guided Confartigianato Motori for over thirty years.
The event was born with the aim of creating a direct connection for companies with the protagonists of Motorsport and Formula 1 - there, in fact, new technologies are developed and then installed on the production cars on which our car repairers work. From 1983 to today, the spirit that has animated this event has constantly evolved without changing the basic principle that marked its birth, that is to create a point of contact between the protagonists of the most technologically advanced sport in the world and those who operates daily in the automotive world, facing challenges no less ambitious and demanding. 
The Confartigianato Motori Prize over the years has made it possible to confer important awards on drivers, managers, engineers, mechanics, journalists, photographers and other people who work in the world of Formula 1. All in the scenario of the most important weekend of the year for the motorsport tricolor, or that of the Italian Grand Prix. In this scenario, stories of great protagonists who reached the top of Formula 1 emerged, people who started their professional career from 'zero' animated by the same spirit of those who push so many professionals to get involved in the first person.

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