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The maximum achievements of technology in the automotive sector had the Formula 1 World Championship as a test bench.

For this reason Confartigianato takes the opportunity offered by the Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix in the exclusive setting of the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza to bring the artisans who join the organization to the world of speed, a fascinating and stimulating context for the evolution of the technique.

Confartigianato nationally represents 27 thousand garages with over 400 thousand employees, a real fabric that describes the world of the automobile in all its forms: car repairers, processors, body builders, carburetors, electricians and tire repairers, all at the service of the massive users of the country .

On this basis, the Confartigianato Motori Prize took shape in 1983, which gives an important recognition to drivers, engineers, managers, mechanics, journalists and photographers who work in the world of Formula 1.

Over the years, the award has evolved and established itself, becoming an unmissable event for the world of speed and for Confartigianato entrepreneurs, who draw from it a great stimulus for the evolution of technology and for the increase in passion.

The history of Formula 1, since its inception, confirms the fundamental role of the sporting context in the experimentation of technologies that have been diverted to the production cars that are used daily.

The Association, in fact, is convinced that this transfer of technology has represented and still represents a stimulus for all operators in the sector. In the last decade there has been a great development not only in performance, which gives so much fascination to Formula 1, but also in very current fronts such as safety and hybrid engines.

For this reason the track is and will be for a long time still a fundamental experimentation ground for the development of new technologies and Formula 1 represents the top of this pyramid of excellence, whose charm has also captured Confartigianato in the choice of being able to reward the professionals who stand out in pioneering challenges.

"From racing to the road" is the philosophy that has guided the initiative for over thirty years because Formula 1 and Motorsport play a fundamental role in the development of technologies that are then installed on production cars, improving comfort, but also safety. and attention to the environment.

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